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Katt ツ

Silver Elite
Admin | CSGO
Admin | Discord
Jan 27, 2019
Server Rules:

  • Tower is closed off, so ppl dont camp !!!

  • No cheat advertisement allowed, perm ban !!!

  • !calladmin abuse, 1 week ban, then 2 weeks ban !!!!!

  • No smurf accs allowed, ignoring this rule will result in 1month ban of main account!!!!

  • Lets try to be polite to each other i do not accept ppl being toxic.
    U will get a warning and if u still dont get it then a couple of days muteban
    and in the end it will result in perm muteban !!!

  • We do not tolerate any form of harrasment. Guys and girls are all equal. So any form of harrasment (religion, race, sexual, etc.) will result in perm ban, if u dont stop after one warning !!!

  • If u want to knife only, then join a knife server. This is awp/knife, not only knife !!!!!! If u do not respect that, then u will get a weeks ban !!!

  • Its only allowed to speak english on the server, if u want to communicate in
    other languages then type in chat.
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